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Therapist James Eve

James Eve

Oxford Circus

James is a psychosexual and relationship therapist who has been in private practice for five years. He works with individuals and couples on sexual and relationship difficulties, understanding that these can be significant causes of distress in one’s life.

James draws on different approaches to suit his clients. He previously worked for the psychosexual team at Croydon University Hospital and is a registered member of the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists.

Therapist Tatjana Strbac

Tatjana Strbac

Oxford Circus

Tatjana offers integrative therapy to individuals and couples in English or Croatian/Serbian. She has a special interest in health and psycho-somatic conditions, including chronic fatigue and insomnia; also, in gender dysphoria and transitioning, life developmental phases, mid-life crises and ageing. 

Tatjana draws on the Psychosynthesis model, which sees identity, existential, spiritual or health crises as a call for personal action and an opportunity for growth and transformation.

Therapist Catherine Hammett

Catherine Hammett

Oxford Circus

Catherine’s approach is integrative. She trained in several humanistic models and uses attachment theory to explore how early relationship dynamics shape the adults we become. She works collaboratively and compassionately with individuals and couples.

Catherine’s priority is to ensure you feel listened to and accepted, so you can begin to calm your inner critic and let go of limiting beliefs. She then helps you develop the self-awareness and clarity to cope with life’s challenges and embrace change.

Therapist Mita Hiremath

Mita Hiremath


Mita is a highly experienced integrative therapist and EMDR (eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing) therapist. Over three decades, she has worked with a wide range of issues including stress, anxiety, depression, trauma including PTSD, loss, bereavement, relationship difficulties, anger management, low self-esteem, sexuality issues and childhood emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

Mita creates a safe environment for individuals and couples to talk about whatever is distressing them. 

Therapist Kira Joliffee

Kira Jolliffe


Kira is trained in both client-centred and psychodynamic models of therapy, having undertaken further professional development in how trauma, attachment and society affect us all. 

She provides a safe space for clients to explore issues including anxiety, identity issues, trauma, depression, abuse, sexual violation, loss, creative block, relationship issues, social injustice, addictions, mood problems, hallucinations, distress, low self-esteem, self-doubt, guilt, shame, dissociation and ADHD.

Therapist Antonella Bonetti

Antonella Bonetti

Bloomsbury and Kensington

Antonella is a psychodynamic therapist offering short- and long-term therapy to individuals and couples. In English or Italian, she helps her clients explore the root causes of their concerns and identify patterns of behaviour. Together they then find the best way forward to meet the client’s needs.

She has particular interest and experience in cultural differences and identity issues, life-changing events and difficult transitional periods, relationships, intimacy, loneliness and women’s issues.

Therapist Asma Gharbi

Asma Gharbi

Oxford Circus and Kensington

Asma offers psychodynamic, humanistic and integrative therapies to individuals and couples. She  tailors her approach to the needs of her clients, and can work in English, Arabic or French.

Asma provides a non-judgmental space where clients can safely explore their feelings, make sense of their experiences and forge deep lasting changes. She has experience working with clients from different backgrounds on issues including trauma, abuse, relationships, identity, anxiety and depression.

Therapist Magda Piesiewicz

Magda Piesiewicz

Oxford Circus

Magda helps couples and individuals who are facing psychosexual and relationship struggles. She also specialises in compulsive sexual behaviours (often misunderstood as sex addiction).

Magda embraces diversity and the uniqueness of her clients, working as a GSRD (gender, sexual and relationship diversity) affirming and culturally sensitive therapist. She understands just how distressing sexual and relationship issues can be, and her clients appreciate her empathy.

Therapist Tom Leonard

Tom Leonard

Oxford Circus

Tom sees couples and individuals and is particularly experienced in working with relationship issues. He integrates different styles of therapy to meet your needs. Tom Helps clients address communication difficulties; sex and intimacy issues; work-related issues and finding meaning in life.

Increased understanding of protected or hidden parts of yourself can be a seed from which change develops. Tom seeks to support you in making changes that feel right for you, often to unhelpful patterns in behaviour and relationships.

Therapist Kate Crawford

Kate Crawford


Warm and approachable, Kate is far from the stereotype of the silent therapist. Clients comment on how quickly they feel at ease with her. She creates a space where they can be heard and seen in a way that is rare. 

She is a psychotherapist, couples therapist and psychosexual therapist. Alongside over a decade’s experience working with a full range of issues, Kate has particular expertise in relationship issues, gender dysphoria, sexual problems, family issues and abuse.

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