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Couples counselling and relationship therapy

Get the help and support you both deserve! It’s time to stop the heartache and start resolving your problems with couples counselling you can trust.

One Therapy London offers professional and affordable couples therapy to get to the very heart of your issues.

We've helped many couples rediscover their spark

Since 2006, our couples counselling services have helped hundreds of people across London to explore, understand, and resolve their relationship problems.

Our qualified and skilled therapists can help​

Whatever challenges your relationship may be facing, couples counselling can help you work through it together. Our experienced therapists will work with you both to find the right solutions and change for the better.

Everyone deserves to find their happy ever after

All relationships are unique, and our couples therapy services are open to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a straight, gay, monogamous, polyamorous, trio, or ppen relationship – we’re here to help you figure out the hard stuff.

Our licenced couples therapists are on hand to help you reconnect with what you need from your relationship.

No matter how important your partner is to you, the struggles life throws at us can put even the strongest of relationships under strain. We can help you untangle the mess and find your way through it all.

Join the hundreds of other couples across London who choose us for their couples therapy and counselling.

What our clients say

Since 2006, hundreds of couples across London have put their faith in the dedicated team of supportive and expert therapists at One Therapy London. 

But don’t just take our word for it – see what our clients have to say about our services:

“Couples therapy helped us understand a lot about each other and, in therapy, we were able to say things to each other we would have never said without the help of our therapist. Being able to communicate made all the difference. Thanks!”


“Tom is a brilliant, attentive and caring therapist. Nothing ever feels intrusive or uncomfortable with him. He’s fantastic at getting to the point of things in a gentle and intelligent way. Made us feel very safe and like we were talking to an absolute expert. And we finished with him feeling like a stronger and more united couple.”


“Our relationship therapist was excellent. He set us exercises and clear goals. He asked us probing questions that made us tackle the real issues. This was hard, but in the end very useful. Thank you.”


“Our couples therapist was the most professional individual I have known personally and professionally. She was able to make my partner and I feel safe to be vulnerable, so that we could continue to show up in a way that felt genuine and honest each session. She helped my partner and I both as a couple and individually.”


Popular questions

Couples counselling gives you and your partner the opportunity to sit down together and discuss different aspects of your relationship in a supportive space. 

We know that taking this first step can be both empowering and overwhelming. If you want to know more, you can find answers to the most common questions we receive in our inbox below: