Counselling for Issues Around Race and Difference

Race. Racism. Discrimination. Judgement. Prejudice. Difference. Diversity. Equality. What is race, what is racism and why do they matter?

One dictionary defines race as ‘a category of humankind that shares certain distinctive physical traits.’ Another describes race as ‘a population within a species that is distinct in some way.’  We generally refer to race in terms of colour or origin: for example, white, black, hispanic, African, Caribbean, Indian or Chinese. Many groups of people who share certain physical and cultural traits might be considered subpopulations within the human race.

Another way of looking at race is to feel there is only one race: the human race. There are arguments to support both viewpoints. We might consider all humans as one race, or we might celebrate difference and diversity. People who hold or express racist views may fear difference and diversity might suffer from a condition known as ‘racism.

How do we address racism in therapy

Talking about racism may be uncomfortable. Racism is a visceral thing felt on emotional, psychological and physical levels. To understand racism we need to understand each other. To stop racism, we need to acknowledge and challenge racism in society. One by one, we might evaluate our own belief systems and open ourselves to the possibility that ideas about race and culture are challengeable. Social influences play a role and education, too, plays a role in how our ideas about race are shaped.

Therapy helps by processing the harm caused by racism, the origins of racist beliefs and the effects that unequal societies have on every person. Being free of prejudice, fear, racism and judgement can be liberating. Anyone affected by racism may benefit from sessions with a therapist. Anyone with difficult or negative ideas about race and culture is welcome to explore these beliefs with a qualified therapist in a careful, non-judgemental setting.

Racism is not just one thing

There are different types of racism though all types of racism share the same core belief that one group of people is superior to another.

Cultural racism is a view that members of another race have a flawed culture. A group of people doing something culturally different from what is valued by the majority may therefore be deemed inferior. Hostile racism is when racist behaviour is overt with a mission of rejecting, subordinating or destroying a cultural identity or race. Passive racism is when a person becomes complicit in racist ideology through inaction. Genetic determinism is an ideology that some races are biologically inferior. Internalised racism is when a person embraces stereotypes and negative attitudes about their own ethnic group and turns these attitudes inwards towards himself or outwards towards his ethnic group.

A group will often have a tribal view that their shared customs, values, religious beliefs and cultural systems are superior to those of another group.

Do we all carry racist beliefs to some extent

It’s hard to escape racism. Whatever a person’s colour or ethnicity, it’s easy for most of us to believe that a person of another background is inferior or superior to oneself.

Stereotypes are embedded in society, in films, in television, in advertising and in folklore and we are all vulnerable to external ideas about race and culture. While racism is endemic in most societies, we feel racism most when we see the damage it can do to individuals, to entire populations and to society.

The more vulnerable a person is to race-based maltreatment, the more likely a person will be aware of their own difference. A white person in the UK is unlikely to consider what it means to be white, while a black person may be in constant awareness of what it means to be black.

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Client reviews

David Pena-Charlon is a couples therapist and a psychosexual therapist in central London.
David Peña-Charlon

David believes in the ability of individuals to heal and better their lives, transforming difficulties, trauma, and anxiety into personal insight He offers integrative psychosexual and relationship therapy in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment David sees individuals and couples with a wide range of issues that include concerns around sex and intimacy, communication and relationship difficulties,...

Oxford Circus

A couples and relationship therapist, Jennifer works in central London.
Jennifyr Yap

Jennifyr is a qualified practitioner in integrative psychosexual and relationship therapy and sees adult individuals and couples (including family relationships ie mother and daughter) Jennifyr’s training is integrative which means she will draw on different models of psychotherapy and ways of working with human behaviour  Jennifyr explores the dynamics of mind, body, brain and emotions, individually and in depth...

Oxford Circus

One of our newest counsellors is Ben Brackenbury.
Ben Brackenbury

Ben believes that at times we all struggle with the challenges life has to offer and therapy provides a safe, confidential, non-judgemental space to explore this Ben works with individuals to make sense of who they are and how they respond to the world today, and to explore new ways of being Ben is also sensitive to how difficult it might be for a client to talk to a stranger about personal issues, so creating an...

Oxford Circus

NIkki Palmer is a counsellor seeing clients with bereavement and other issues.
Nikki Palmer

Nikki is an empathic, approachable therapist who is not afraid to challenge her clients At the heart of her work is the capacity to offer a warm, respectful, supportive, non-judgmental space where clients are welcome to bring the scared and vulnerable parts of themselves for careful reflection Nikki’s therapeutic approach is integrative, drawing on various theoretical models to work with each client in a way that is...


Genny Hawken is a trained counsellor seeing clients with anxiety, stress, family problems, bereavement and other mental health issues.
Genny Hawken

Genny is an integrative psychotherapist with a background of many years working with individuals for the NHS as a speech and language therapist  She has an MA in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy and  works with adults presenting with a wide range of difficulties concerning their mental wellbeing She draws from the psychodynamic and humanistic approaches to psychotherapy and consider the therapeutic...


Shelley Kleim is a counsellor in central London.
Shelley Klein

Shelley is a psychodynamically-trained therapist and counsellor working with adult patients from a wide range of social and cultural backgrounds She believes psychotherapy is a useful means of talking about aspects of your life that you are finding painful, upsetting or difficult to cope with, in a non-judgmental, confidential and trusted setting Shelley offers both long and short-term therapy and has a particular...


Working in Oxford Circus, London is Tom Deitch, a psychodynamic therapist.
Tom Deitch

Tom is a psychodynamic therapist with a compassionate, empathic and understanding approach to his clients He offers a safe and confidential space where clients will be listened to without judgement Tom has experience in helping people address a range of personal difficulties including depression, anxiety, bereavement, relationship troubles, unresolved childhood trauma, low self-esteem, addiction and many other...

Oxford Circus


Dwayne Jackson

Jackson sees individuals with a range of personal, emotional and behavioural issues including relationship and intimacy issues, problems resulting form childhood trauma, issues arising from physical, emotional or sexual abuse, sex and sexuality issues, fear and phobias, transgender and gender identity issues, issues around cancer and cancer treatment, chronic illness, infertility issues and concerns around the purpose...


Ben Marks has been with One Therapy for several years, seeing clients with a range or personal and emotional problems.
Ben Marks

Ben is an experienced psychotherapist who has helped many people through difficult times in their lives He works with clients with a wide range of personal issues around depression, anxiety, bereavement, trauma, abuse, loneliness, stresses within the workplace, low self esteem, relationship and sexual problems including performance anxiety, erectile dysfunction and struggles with intimacy Ben has also worked with...

Oxford Circus

Veri Hiles is a private practice counsellor in Soho.
Ceri Hiles

Ceri works with adult clients wanting to explore a range of concerns including anxiety, depression, relationship and family problems, issues arising from physical, emotional or psychological abuse and confidence and self-esteem issues He has particular experience of working with bereavement and loss Ceri’s training in psychodynamic and person-centred approaches to therapy has given him an understanding of each...