Personal Counselling in London

Our therapists in Oxford Circus, Soho, Bloomsbury and Kensington are experienced in helping our clients with a range of personal, emotional and behavioural issues.

We have been providing therapy in London since 2006. Our clients are of all ages and come from many different backgrounds. Our counsellors are welcoming and approachable and each therapist brings a wealth of training and professional experience to the counselling services we provide.

Private counselling and psychotherapy can help you get beyond problematic issues in your life

There are many ways that counselling can be useful and there is no limit to the kinds of issues that can be addressed in therapy. Your therapy sessions will help you through any personal issues you may be having. Our counsellors have been trained in the UK and each therapist creates a supportive, confidential relationship with each of their clients. Our approach to your well-being is based on what you need at the moment and we can support and assist you in a number of ways.

At your first meeting with one of our therapists, we will ask about your personal hopes in therapy and we will talk through what you can expect in therapy with us. This initial consultation will provide time to discuss any concerns you may have about counselling. Your psychotherapist will answer any questions you may have.

You may have a preference for the kind of therapist you would like to see and your personal preferences can be discussed at this first meeting.

Appointments with your therapist will be held weekly until you decide to end therapy. Weekly therapy is the most effective type of counselling or psychotherapy and seeing your therapist on a weekly basis is important. Like most counselling services, we do not offer fortnightly or monthly therapy.

Take the first steps to overcoming your problems

Get in touch with us to arrange your first chat with one of our therapists. You can reach us by phone, email or by using our online messaging service. Feeling better starts as soon as you’ve taken the first step.

You’ll find your first appointment with us easier than you might think and at the end of this first meeting you will be able to decide if you would like to continue with further sessions. Information about about fees for our counselling services might also be useful. For those considering online therapy, more information about counselling online may help.

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What types of personal and behavioural issues can individual counselling help with?

People seek counselling or psychotherapy for many different reasons. Help is available for all types of life issues. Though counselling can be used to discuss anything, these are some of the more common personal issues we have helped our clients understand and resolve:

If you are experiencing problems in your relationship, you may want to consider couples counselling.

Online therapy is also available with our London-based counsellors

It is not always convenient for some people to attend face-to-face meetings at our offices in London. Therapy is available online using platforms like Zoom, FaceTime and WhatsApp. If you would prefer to have therapy from your home or office, many of our therapists are experienced in providing online counselling and psychotherapy. We’ve offered online therapy, online couples counselling and other online mental health services for many years.

Most of our clients prefer to meet their therapist at our offices in Oxford Circus, Soho or Covent Garden. Some of our clients prefer online sessions or a combination of both face-to-face and online counselling. We provide online therapy to clients around the UK and in London who prefer appointments from their homes or offices.

Therapy can be short or longer-term. Some people come for a few sessions while others continue longer. You may end therapy at any time, simply by letting us know.

We understand that therapy is a private and very personal experience

Discussions in counselling are confidential. We operate a policy of non-discrimination — we do not discriminate on any grounds. Your therapist will not judge your behaviour, personal choices or past experiences. In therapy, you may discuss anything that’s on your mind.

For those individuals from other countries who are living in the UK, One Therapy London is experienced in providing culturally-sensitive counselling that takes into consideration different ethnic, religious and cultural beliefs. We have worked with people from all over the world.

Counselling is a unique personal experience that evolves from the relationship between you and your counsellor. Everyone experiences therapy differently. A first meeting with your counsellor or an online session with us can be arranged here. You may also want to read our client testimonials.

How does therapy help?

Over the years that I’ve worked as a therapist, I’ve been asked numerous times by prospective clients, “How does counselling help?”  And I’ve yet to come up with a satisfactory answer. Not because I’m in any doubt that it helps, but because the ‘how’ bit is so hard to articulate concisely…

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What do I talk about in counselling?

One of the most common worries I hear expressed by people starting counselling is that they won’t know what to talk about. Some people think their problems aren’t significant enough. Others fear they have too much to say, that they might overwhelm the therapist…

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Individual counselling

Our personal counselling services take place in a supportive, non-judgemental atmosphere.

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Couples counselling

Couples counselling provides space for couples to discuss problems in their relationship and find resolution.

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Our therapists in London

Our therapists bring a wealth of experience and training to the therapy services we provide.

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Counselling, psychotherapy, couples counselling in London since 2006

Client Reviews

One Therapy London

Ameet Magan

Ameet is from London and holds an MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy He has more than a decade’s experience of working in a one-to-one capacity with clients He has also trained in groupwork and has worked since 2016 as a group psychotherapist and clinical practitioner with the NHS in East London Ameet is a warm, grounded and reflective person He works with compassion...


Therapist Amrita Athwal
Amrita Athwal

Amrita works with adults in an integrative way, drawing on various therapeutic approaches tailored to meet the needs of each client She provides a safe space to help clients better understand themselves She offers short term and long term therapy Amrita has experience of working with clients on issues such as trauma, addiction, depression, anxiety, relationship...


Therapist Annie Curran-White
Annie Curran-White

With a Masters degree in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy, Annie offers both short and long term, open-ended therapy to individuals Her experience includes depression, stress and anxiety, bereavement, loss, personal development and trauma Annie has additional, specialist training working with survivors of rape, and adult and childhood sexual...


Therapist Antonella Bonetti
Antonella Bonetti

Antonella is a psychodynamic therapist offering short- and long-term therapy to adults She also sees couples facing issues within their relationship Since obtaining her Master’s degree in Psychodynamic Therapy & Counselling, Antonella has worked in different organisational settings (charities, NHS and university counselling services) helping people from diverse...



Therapist Ava Kinsey
Ava Kinsey

Ava is a qualified psychodynamic psychotherapist and counsellor She works with the NHS both as an adult psychotherapist at a complex trauma unit, and as a perinatal psychotherapist working with mothers and their infants and toddlers Before that, she worked as a psychotherapist in secondary care at the NHS, treating clients who experienced early relational/sexual trauma or...


Therapist Barbara Beyaz
Barbara Beyaz

Barbara brings a warm, non-judgmental, and accepting attitude to her work with clients As an integrative Psychotherapist, she draws from a range of theoretical perspectives which allows her to tailor therapy to the needs of the client Barbara thinks that healing and individual growth happen when difficulties in living are explored with empathy, and the client's unique...


Therapist Barbara Perini
Barbara Perini

Barbara is an accredited member of BACP, holding an MSc in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and adhering to the BACP ethical framework Her approach is open-ended, offering both short-term and long-term therapy Barbara has also trained in Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT), a short-term (16 sessions), semi-structured individual therapy developed for mood...

Oxford Circus

Therapist Ben Brackenbury
Ben Brackenbury

Ben believes that at times we all struggle with the challenges life has to offer and therapy provides a safe, confidential, non-judgemental space to explore this Ben works with individuals to make sense of who they are and how they respond to the world today, and to explore new ways of being Ben is also sensitive to how difficult it might be for a client to talk to a...

Oxford Circus

Therapist Ben Marks
Ben Marks

Ben is an experienced psychotherapist who has helped many people through difficult times in their lives He works with clients with a wide range of personal issues around depression, anxiety, bereavement, trauma, abuse, loneliness, stresses within the workplace, low self esteem, relationship and sexual problems including performance anxiety, erectile dysfunction and...

Oxford Circus

Therapist Catherine Hammett
Catherine Hammett

Catherine offers a safe, confidential space for clients bringing a wide range of issues to therapy  These include anxiety, low self-esteem, relationship difficulties, anger and work-related stress  Catherine also supports clients experiencing depression, bereavement and life transitions  Among her specialist interests are post-traumatic growth and working with adult...

Oxford Circus