Psychosexual Therapy in London

Our psychosexual therapists in central London can support you to feel more confident around sex and intimacy.

Problems with sex and intimacy are very common. They are also very treatable. Psychosexual therapy combines talking therapy with exercises that you are given to do at home between sessions. It is highly effective at treating a wide range of sexual problems.

Anxiety is at the root of many sexual problems.

Sexual problems are often triggered by a bad sexual experience. This might be a single drunken encounter where you couldn’t get an erection, years of sustained sexual abuse or anything in between. They can also be triggered by a lack of sexual experience and the self-doubt which that produces.

Whatever the trigger, a cycle then becomes established. You become anxious about sex and that anxiety becomes reinforced over time through behaviours such as avoiding sex, only having sex when intoxicated, or only having sex with people who don’t matter to you.

In psychosexual therapy, we tackle the anxiety. We take things slowly and, going at your pace, rebuild your sex life in a way that you feel safe again.

Our psychosexual therapists work with both individuals and couples. If your sexual issue is occurring in a couple relationship, it is usually more effective to come as a couple, but the decision is yours.

Whether you attend as an individual or a couple, your sessions will be confidential. Our warm, supportive therapists take the time to understand you and don’t push you to discuss or do anything that you’re not ready to.

At your first meeting with one of our psychosexual therapists , you will be given time to tell your story and to explore what you would like to achieve. It’s very natural to have questions or concerns about entering psychosexual therapy, and your initial consultation is also an opportunity to discuss those with the therapist.

There is no obligation to continue after the initial consultation. However, most clients quickly feel comfortable with their therapist and leave the initial consultation with any concerns resolved, keen to start the process of psychosexual therapy.

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What issues can psychosexual therapy help with?

Sometimes clients are unsure whether their problems are best addressed through psychosexual therapy or couples therapy. All our psychosexual therapists are also qualified in couples counselling, so if you are unsure, book an appointment with a psychosexual therapist and they will tailor their approach to meet your needs.

The issues that psychosexual therapy is suited for include:
  • a level of sexual desire (whether low or high) that you or your partner are uncomfortable with
  • difficulty reaching orgasm
  • painful sex (dyspareunia)
  • problems obtaining or maintaining an erection
  • rapid or delayed ejaculation
  • vaginismus
  • compulsive sexual behaviours, such as regular unsafe sex, consistent porn use or compulsive masturbation
  • chemsex
  • sexual problems arising from illness or disability.

We make sex easier to talk about

Sex can be one of the hardest topics for clients to discuss. Many people don’t have words they feel comfortable using for sexual activities or body parts. The language often feels too coarse, too clinical or too twee.

It’s also a topic that many people feel ashamed about, particularly if they are having problems. People wonder if they are normal, and don’t like to admit sexual preferences that they think they might be judged for.

Our therapists know how to make talking about sex easier for you. They can help you to find language that you are comfortable with. Their own comfort with talking about sex quickly helps clients to relax. And they don’t judge anyone for their sexual preferences.

Learning to talk about sex is one of the most powerful benefits of psychosexual therapy. When sexual communication improves, other sexual problems become much easier to tackle.

Online psychosexual therapy is available

We understand that some clients prefer to have their therapy sessions online, and all our psychosexual therapists are happy to see clients on secure online platforms.

In some cases, all therapy sessions will be online – for example, if you are based overseas or have a disability that means you are unable to come to our practice. Others may prefer to have most of their sessions at our practice, but to have the option to take their sessions online occasionally.

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Client Reviews

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Therapist Toulla Nicolaides
Toulla Nicolaides

Toulla is an integrative relational therapist using a combination of therapeutic approaches to help her clients She provides a safe and supportive environment for individuals to explore their difficulties in life, relationships and childhood and to share and resolve confusing and overwhelming feelings Toulla believes that, though challenging, therapy can help clients...


Therapist Ameet Magan
Ameet Magan

Ameet is from London and holds an MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy He has more than a decade’s experience of working in a one-to-one capacity with clients He has also trained in groupwork and has worked since 2016 as a group psychotherapist and clinical practitioner with the NHS in East London Ameet is a warm, grounded and reflective person He works with compassion...


Therapist Evan Bates
Evan Bates

Evan is a psychodynamic therapist, offering both long and short term therapy He creates a non-judgemental and reflective space to help clients explore their difficulties and concerns Working together to understand the connections between past and current relationships, Evan supports clients in developing a deeper awareness of their recurring emotional patterns and further...



Therapist Marta Pisarri
Marta Pisarri

Consultant Integrative Psychotherapist Visiting lecturer at Regent's University Diploma in Somatic Trauma Therapy Advance Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy MA in Counselling and Psychotherapy MSc in Clinical Psychology Marta is a psychologist and an integrative psychotherapist: she has been working in the field of mental health for over 12 years in both private...


Therapist Nicola Reeves
Nicola Reeves

Consultant Therapist MA Psychodynamic Psychotherapy  EMDR Practitioner Qualified Clinical Supervisor Nicola is a psychodynamic psychotherapist and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) therapist Nicola believes in giving clients time and space to approach therapy in the way they need to approach it She finds this is the best way to develop a...


Therapist Giselle van Rheede
Giselle van Rheede

Consultant Therapist Dip Psychodynamic Counselling  BA (Hon) Psychology MA Education Giselle is an experienced Psychodynamic Counsellor who has worked with a diverse range of people from a multitude of backgrounds, cultures and faiths Her focus in therapy is to help you to open avenues for growth and to facilitate change through exploring the way you relate to your...

Oxford Circus


Therapist Silvi Naskinova
Silvi Naskinova

Consultant Therapist MSc in Psychodynamic Counselling and Psychotherapy HE in Humanistic and Psychodynamic Counselling Silvi is a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist offering long and short-term therapy to adult individuals She aims to provide a safe, non-judgmental and confidential space for clients to explore their thoughts and feelings Her work supports individuals in...

Oxford Circus

Therapist Michelle Taylor
Michelle Taylor

Consultant Therapist Diploma & Advanced Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling Michelle is a qualified psychodynamic therapist providing a calm and confidential space to allow her clients to unravel their deepest anxieties whilst feeling understood Michelle has particular experience working with adults experiencing bereavement and loss, anxiety, and depression...


Therapist Yussef Ferguson
Yussef Ferguson

Consultant Psychodynamic Psychotherapist MSc Psychodynamic Counselling and Psychotherapy BA (Hons) Social Work Yussef is a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist who offers both long and short term personal therapy to individuals He has experience of working with a diverse range of clients and can provide a warm, confidential space to explore and gain insight into any past or...

Oxford Circus

Therapist Ava Kinsey
Ava Kinsey

Ava is a qualified psychodynamic psychotherapist and counsellor She works with the NHS both as an adult psychotherapist at a complex trauma unit, and as a perinatal psychotherapist working with mothers and their infants and toddlers Before that, she worked as a psychotherapist in secondary care at the NHS, treating clients who experienced early relational/sexual trauma or...