Counselling for Men

Though statistically women seek therapy more often than men, the number of men using counselling services has increased in recent years.

From childhood, men seem to be at risk of some emotional and behavioural issues more than women. Some reasons for this may be biological in nature and some are certainly cultural. Boys manifest behavioural difficulties and learning disabilities in primary school more often than young girls. Boys are nine times more likely to suffer from hyperactivity and more than twice as likely to be disciplined in school than girls.

Men have far higher rates of substance abuse and antisocial personality disorders  than women and men are considerably more likely to develop addictive behaviour than women.

Compared to young women, young men are four times more likely to be victims of homicide and three times more likely to kill themselves. In the UK, the leading cause of death in males under 35 is suicide.

Men live under a code of masculinity that expects them to be: dominant, aggressive, high achieving, competitive, self-sufficient, adventure seeking, willing to take risks and emotionally restricted. Living up to these expectations can have a toll on emotional and personal well-being. As with psychological services, men are also less likely than women to seek medical advice for health-related problems. This is one of many factors why the average life expectancy for men is considerably shorter than for women.

Common reasons why men seek therapy in London

Although men can present a variety of problems in therapy, they generally tend to have certain issues more than others. Issues seen more often in men include:

In addition to these common concerns, men frequently present issues that include:

Many men in our culture are socialised to not express their feelings, but to deal with issues in a logical or rational way. They are often taught that being emotional is a bad thing. It is not uncommon for men to conceal what they feel. It is therefore not surprising that often men feel safer expressing anger rather than hurt; that some men work longer hours to avoid dealing with issues at home; that communication problems often exist in intimate relationships and emotional vulnerability is often avoided.

Men’s culture values freedom, autonomy and independence – sometimes making commitment to a relationship difficult. Commitment issues are a common concern brought by men to therapy.

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For many men, counselling can help by examining the emotional and psychological blocks that prevent clear communication of feelings and needs. Personal therapy can improve a man’s quality of life and promote success in careers and relationships by fostering greater self-awareness and self-confidence. Therapy can also help men with issues like infidelity, depression, anger problems, porn addiction, performance anxiety, relationship problems or sex and sexuality issues.

Couples counselling may be the best solution if your problems are to do with your relationship, and you may find psychosexual therapy helpful if you have problems to do with sex.

Both face-to-face and online counselling are available. For some men, therapy provides their first experience of talking openly and honestly about how they feel and what they want.

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Individual counselling

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Therapists in London

Finding the right therapist is an important first step.

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Therapist Toulla Nicolaides
Toulla Nicolaides

Consultant Therapist Toulla is an integrative relational therapist using a combination of therapeutic approaches to help her clients She provides a safe and supportive environment for individuals to explore their difficulties in life, relationships and childhood and to share and resolve confusing and overwhelming feelings Toulla believes that, though challenging,...


Therapist Ameet Magan
Ameet Magan

Consultant Therapist Ameet is from London and holds an MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy He has more than a decade’s experience of working in a one-to-one capacity with clients He has also trained in groupwork and has worked since 2016 as a group psychotherapist and clinical practitioner with the NHS in East London Ameet is a warm, grounded and reflective person He...


Therapist Stamatia Lorentzou
Stamatia Lorentzou

Senior Consultant Therapist Stamatia draws on a broad range of theories of psychotherapy She works collaboratively with her clients to understand the causes of their concern and find ways to move forward Stamatia offers both short-term and longer-term therapy She has worked in various organisational settings with individuals seeking to address relationship issues,...


Therapist Jackson
Dwayne Jackson

Senior Consultant Therapist Founder and Director Jackson has lived in USA, Hong Kong and London He studied psychology in America and integrative psychotherapy in the United Kingdom Jackson is open to discussing any life experience or behaviour a client might put forward He feels there should be no shame or judgement in discussing life choices, experiences or...


Therapist Nicola Reeves
Nicola Reeves

Consultant Therapist MA Psychodynamic Psychotherapy  EMDR Practitioner Qualified Clinical Supervisor Nicola is a psychodynamic psychotherapist and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) therapist Nicola believes in giving clients time and space to approach therapy in the way they need to approach it She finds this is the best way to develop a...


Therapist Rhiannon Whipps
Rhiannon Whipps

Consultant Therapist Rhiannon is a psychodynamic counsellor and psychotherapist with over ten years experience of working within the field of mental health Rhiannon provides an empathic and non-judgemental therapeutic space for her clients to explore any difficulties which they may be facing Within the safety of a confidential environment, she encourages her clients...

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Therapist Marta Pisarri
Marta Pisarri

Consultant Integrative Psychotherapist Visiting lecturer at Regent's University Diploma in Somatic Trauma Therapy Advance Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy MA in Counselling and Psychotherapy MSc in Clinical Psychology Marta is a psychologist and an integrative psychotherapist: she has been working in the field of mental health for over 12 years in both private...


Therapist Silvi Naskinova
Silvi Naskinova

Consultant Therapist MSc in Psychodynamic Counselling and Psychotherapy HE in Humanistic and Psychodynamic Counselling Silvi is a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist offering both long and shorter-term therapy  She aims to provide a safe, supportive and non-judgmental space for her clients to explore whatever is on their minds Her work...

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Therapist Evan Bates
Evan Bates

Consultant Therapist Evan is a psychodynamic therapist, offering both long and short term therapy He creates a non-judgemental and reflective space to help clients explore their difficulties and concerns Working together to understand the connections between past and current relationships, Evan supports clients in developing a deeper awareness of their recurring...



Therapist Patricia Connolly
Patricia Connolly

Consultant Psychodynamic Psychotherapist Patricia works within a psychodynamic approach This focuses on early life experience and  relationships to help you understand how they shape who you are in the present When you begin to more fully explore your emotions and attitudes you can find a deeper self–knowledge, which can also transform the way you relate to...