Addiction Counselling Services in London

There is nothing simple about addiction. It is a complicated problem unique to each addict. The causes of addiction are complex and sometimes difficult to understand.

Addiction is widespread throughout most communities of the world. It occurs at all levels of society. Despite this, there is a great deal of misunderstanding about addiction. The concept of addiction as a psychological problem is a relatively new one. People once saw addiction as a personality flaw or a sign of weakness. This stigma still persists in society today and is a major challenge for addicts and the people who treat them. The origins of addiction are now believed to be much more complicated – psychological, physiological and even genetic. Addiction is complicated on many levels.

What types of addiction can counselling help?

Many people know that counselling is often used to help with alcohol or drug dependence issues. However, therapy can also help with other addiction problems like:
  • prescription medication
  • the internet
  • sex
  • pornography
  • shopping
  • food
  • gambling
  • work
  • exercise
And there are many others. The counsellors at our London practice have experience helping people overcome many types of addiction problems.

What to expect from addiction counselling with One Therapy London

Whether you believe you have an addiction or not, addiction counselling can help identify any potential issues and explore underlying causes of any addictive behaviour. Once an addiction has been acknowledged, great commitment and determination is required from the addicted person, as treating addiction through therapy can be challenging. However, successful treatment of addiction is possible. Counselling sessions for addictions and addictive behaviour are based at our central London practice, just a few minutes from Oxford Circus. Throughout the counselling process, your therapist will help you recognise the thought, feeling and behavioural patterns that contribute to your addiction. There are different ways counselling can help with addiction and several types of therapy that might be used for addiction problems. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), for example, uses tools and techniques to help you stop addictive behaviour. Certain addictions will need specialist treatment and, in some cases, longer-term residential care. Coming off long-term use of certain substances (like heroin and alcohol) can be life-threatening and may require medical support. Your addiction therapist will help guide you through what to expect and help you cope with whatever treatment is right for you. Addiction problems can break up families, damage communities and destroy lives. In some ways, addiction touches us all. To speak with us in confidence about your addiction issues, call 0333 207 9330 or get in touch for an appointment at one of our central London counselling practices. Addiction counselling is often the first step to regaining control of your life.

Conquering addiction is not easy, but with the right kind of therapy and support successful treatment of addiction is possible.

Getting started
Your first appointment will provide an opportunity to discuss your hopes in therapy and to consider what kind of addiction treatment is the right kind of help for your needs. learn more about therapy for addiction in London →
One Therapy London
To make a first appointment, we may be reached by telephone or email. Appointments are usually available within one week, though we sometimes operate a short waiting list. go here for information on how to get in touch →

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Client Reviews

Effective, affordable counselling in London

Therapist Roz Urquhart
Roz Urquhart

Roz is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, who offers both long- and short-term psychotherapy She works with a varied client group offering a welcoming, safe and confidential therapeutic space in which to help her clients explore and process the issues that are bringing them into therapy Roz supports her clients to focus on unconscious processes, inner conflicts and...

Oxford Circus

Therapist Andreea Gligore
Andreea Gligore

Andreea is an experienced integrative therapist who works with individuals, offering short- and long-term therapy Since qualifying in 2017, she has offered therapy in private practice, the NHS and community services She works with many issues including relationship dynamics, role and life stage transitions, bereavement, life-altering events, loneliness and isolation,...


Therapist Stamatia Lorentzou
Stamatia Lorentzou

Stamatia draws on a broad range of theories of psychotherapy She works collaboratively with her clients to understand the causes of their concern and find ways to move forward Stamatia offers both short-term and longer-term therapy She has worked in various organisational settings with individuals seeking to address relationship issues, low self esteem, separation,...


Therapist Geraldine Lothian
Geraldine Lothian

Geraldine (she/her) is a psychodynamic psychotherapist who works with individuals Geraldine’s style of therapy is to work collaboratively with her clients and at each client’s pace  It is sometimes difficult to make the decision to start therapy but Geraldine works together with her clients to address any issues that may feel difficult to explore on their own ...

Oxford Circus

Therapist Amrita Athwal
Amrita Athwal

Amrita works with adults in an integrative way, drawing on various therapeutic approaches tailored to meet the needs of each client She provides a safe space to help clients better understand themselves She offers short term and long term therapy Amrita has experience of working with clients on issues such as trauma, addiction, depression, anxiety, relationship...


Therapist Evan Bates
Evan Bates

Evan is a psychodynamic therapist, offering both long and short term therapy He creates a non-judgemental and reflective space to help clients explore their difficulties and concerns Working together to understand the connections between past and current relationships, Evan supports clients in developing a deeper awareness of their recurring emotional patterns and further...


Therapist Tatjana Strbac
Tatjana Strbac

Tatjana uses an integrative approach to support individuals and couples through personal, professional and relationship difficulties, in a collaborative and relaxed environment in which they can safely explore their past and present experiences Tatjana aims to understand your needs and explore possible solutions by identifying the thinking, behaviour and emotional...

Oxford Circus

Therapist Ben Brackenbury
Ben Brackenbury

Ben believes that at times we all struggle with the challenges life has to offer and therapy provides a safe, confidential, non-judgemental space to explore this Ben works with individuals to make sense of who they are and how they respond to the world today, and to explore new ways of being Ben is also sensitive to how difficult it might be for a client to talk to a...

Oxford Circus

Therapist James Eve
James Eve

James is a psychosexual and relationship therapist who has been in private practice for five years He works with individuals and couples on sexual and relationship difficulties, understanding that these can be significant causes of distress in one's life Prior to working in private practice, James worked for the psychosexual team at Croydon University Hospital He is a...

Oxford Circus

Therapist Natasha Maidment
Natasha Maidment

Natasha is a person–centred counsellor and psychotherapist who will provide you with a safe, empathetic and non-judgemental space to explore any thoughts or concerns you wish to bring She works with a range of issues including anxiety, stress, critical thoughts, trauma, relationship issues, identity, depression, loss and low self-esteem Natasha offers a...

Oxford Circus