Wonderful or weird? A short film on psychoanalysis

The Institute of Psychoanalysis gets creative with ‘What is Psychoanalysis?’

This light bulb suggests creative psychoanalysis of the mind.

The Institute of Psychoanalysis has commissioned a short animated film that sets out to demonstrate the purpose and process of psychoanalysis. The patient, dressed in worried black, attempts to resolve a perceived issue with his boss.

Using free association and dreams, the patient uses his psychoanalytic session to work through his troubles at work while his attentive therapist sits nearby. The film touches on several components of psychoanalysis including transference and the Oedipal conflict. But you have to look closely or you’ll miss them!

Created by London artist Georgia de Castro Keeling, the simple but beautiful black and white animation is eye-catching. The film is clever and endearing yet stark. The accompanying musical sound track is perfect. You can’t help but smile when you see this animated film. Whether or not it answers the question in its title is debatable.

Intelligent and unusual. You can view this 3 and a half minute animated film on YouTube.

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